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About Gloria Verrecchio (ver-wreck-key-o), DVM, CERP

Gloria Verrecchio earned her DVM from the University of Minnesota, 1997, post-graduate CERP (Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner) from the University of Tennessee, and is Certified with Distinction as an Equi-Tape® Practitioner. Continuing Education includes training with noted rehabilitation educator Dr. Kerry Ridgway.

She has been riding for more than 30 years on breeds hot and cold in rings and trails. Backed with never ending lessons and a belief that every ride is a learning experience, she has trotted Thoroughbreds across English moors, climbed into the British Columbia mountains on Quarter Horses, raced on Boerperds against wild zebra in South Africa, tolted Icelandic Horses across their island, and more. For more than a decade, she owned a horse farm and breeding business in Minnesota with her husband.