Equine Performance

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A Variety of Techniques

In developing her written history of your horse, expect Dr. Verrecchio to listen to what you see, feel, and think. Expect questions, attention to details, understanding, and a love for horses. Expect your horse to be palpated, flexed, walked and trotted on a lead line, or lunged to determine pain points, balance, straightness, range of motion, and biomechanical dysfunction.

  • Specialized methods to put your horse at ease
  • Skilled manual palpation and use of diagnostic acupuncture points to identify muscle/myofascial tension and pain in the head, neck, back, and other areas
  • Limb and spinal mobilization to determine restriction and laxity
  • Motion and lameness evaluation in hand, on lunge, and, if needed, under saddle
  • Check saddle fit for pressure points

Depending on the horse’s condition, you may be asked to ride and demonstrate the problem(s) under saddle.