Equine Performance

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From race horses to family horses, carriage horses to jumpers, all horses, ponies, and mules at one time or another suffer musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, muscle strain, and soft tissue trauma that can impact disposition and performance.

Some Typical Causes

  • Falling in a pasture, between cross ties,
    at a jump, on a trail, and elsewhere
  • Slipping (without a fall) on slick or rough
    terrain, in a trailer, or in an aisle
  • Lengthy trailering
  • Inappropriate saddle fit or shoeing
  • Rough playing, kicking, mounting,
    or colliding with another horse
  • Prolonged repetitive work
  • Riding technique or training excercises inappropriate
    for fitness level
  • Aging
  • Nutritional imbalance and deficiencies

Some Typical Symptoms

  • Lameness or movement dysfunction
  • Cinchy or girthy when saddled
  • Bucking or kicking back after a jump
  • Changes in posture and/or attitude
  • Hesitancy or refusal to perform as usual, eg., picking up foot, standing still for brushing, taking a lead, holding a gait    
  • Moving with hollow topline
  • Crooked topline
  • Inflexibility at the poll
  • One hip higher than the other
  • Bracing on a rein
  • “Just not right”