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Bette Mann,
Fox Hunt and Competitive Rider
Landrum, SC

Today I rode Chimi for the first time since you worked on him and he was awesome! He felt so good...working over his back and so powerful pushing off the ground at the trot. He likes to be forward when I ride him in the field but this time I felt like the power was coming from his hind end vs. him just being speedy and running around.

Marley is sound...95% better yesterday and today she seems completely fine... trotted back to her friend when I put her up and she had the most gorgeous floaty trot I’ve ever seen her do!

Nancy Kay, DVM
Diplomate American College
of Veterinary Internal Medicine,

Endurance Rider,
Hendersonville, NC

I feel so fortunate to be working with
Dr. Gloria Verrecchio. She has earned
my strong endorsement as an equine rehabilitation practitioner. From diagnosis
to therapy, she has done a fantastic job with my horses. They have improved dramatically under her care, and I’ve learned a great deal in the process. Her attention to follow up goes above and beyond, from detailed written reports to emails asking for progress updates and questions. Her great level of caring is always evident.

Cerice Berndsen,
Professional Trainer, Tryon, NC

I have worked with many practitioners
in equine health. Only a handful have made as much of an impression as
Dr. Verrecchio. Her technical expertise, precise skills, and genuine caring produces remarkable results. I have struggled 3 years with chiropractors
and vets to bring health and comfort
to one of our mares. After just 2-1/2
hours with Dr. Verrecchio, the mare
was moving well through the
body and had returned to a bright, curious, and energetic horse. With the continued support of Dr. Verrecchio, I am certain
we are on the path to the full
performance that the mare is capable of.


Ivey Sumrell, Fox Hunt and
Trail Rider, Columbus, NC

My three horses had imbalances in their bodies. Dr. Verrecchio's work has made them more forward, happy, comfortable... definite changes in balance through better posture and straighter movement. Seeing the changes after she works on them is just amazing. Her work goes WAY beyond massage and chiropractic. The exercises she prescribes have bonded me and my horse in a totally new way. I highly recommend her working on your horse! Performance horses should be in a regular program with her.

Peggy Pollack Belgian Horse Rescuer

I rescued Mickey, a very large 20-year-old, Belgian, and immediately realized he had pain. I contacted Dr. Verrecchio after hearing her presentation at a FRC meeting. Mickey quickly accepted her touch. One hour later I had a new horse with a more comfortable gait, relaxed back, and less tension overall. A miracle!  

She demonstrated exercises for me to do to continue Mickey's progress. After two follow up sessions, the difference in Mickey continues to amaze me. Now, he’s a happy, confident horse able to be a horse.

Eileen Gunipero, Saddle Fitter
Pittsboro, NC

My trainer recommended Dr. Verrecchio when my mare reached a plateau due to stiffness and body issues that couldn't be "trained through."  I was so pleased with Dr. Verrecchio's diagnosis and treatment. What impressed me most was that she never seemed to have her own ego involved but totally focused on my
mare, allowing the horse to show her issues.
My mare was clearly plugged in and showed an immediate response. The follow up treatment plan was detailed,
yet concise and easy to follow. I'm
grateful that an Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner of this caliber is available
in this area.

Shaila Sigsgaard, Competitive Rider,
Shelbyville, KY

I’m very pleased with Svas...I’ve been doing the flexercises and I feel a significant difference already. Less tension in her lower back/loin than prior to the treatment. Her lower back/loin has become much more flexible to the right. She takes longer strides/engages her left hindleg better than previously. All in all I feel the exercises are very beneficial and improving her overall posture. Thanks again.



Ron Piccari,
Green Creek Hounds Whipper-in
Columbus, NC

Turkey Run Farm update! Since Dr. Verrecchio tested my hay about 6 months ago and prescribed a balanced diet with necessary minerals, I have seen considerable changes in my horses physically and mentally...much better coat condition, much more stamina, and generally a better demeanor. My 17-year-old Irish sport horse, who I fox hunt, has benefited tremendously with less joint pain and swelling. I have been able to stop monthly (expensive) Legend shots and not notice him having hock stiffness...has not had hock injections in the last 2 years. Even the farrier remarks that he is much more flexible in his right rear leg than what he has been in the last 2 years. Feet on all the horses are a much better quality. The costs of these supplements is pennies a day so I am well within my year maintenance budgets of the past.

Kathryn Love, MD (retired),
Breeder and Gaited Show Competitor,

Shelbyville, KY

I was attending a clinic in North Carolina on "Straightening the Crooked Horse" and asked Dr. Verrecchio to evaluate and treat my crooked mare Salka. As a medical doctor I had an inherent skepticism, but Salka's performance improved dramatically for lunging and riding at the clinic. As follow-up, I received a thorough summary of findings and procedures and a well explained list of manipulations and exercises to maintain the improvement. I have asked Gloria to work on my other horses as well.

Judi Debeuf,
Gowensville, SC

Our mare Muska was 4 months
pregnant when my husband and I
rescued her. After her foal was weaned, she was losing weight and muscle.
Dr. Verrecchio found that Muska was
in pain and had been for a long time.
Dr. Verrecchio is a miracle worker.
After identifying the areas of pain,
she performed therapeutic exercises
and acupuncture for back pain and
spinal dysfunction. I was given a comprehensive report that included several daily exercises and a list of nutritional supplements. Within a
month Muska's movements were
much smoother and relaxed and she
had gained the necessary weight

Additional references
available on request.