Equine Performance

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Therapies Intergrated as Most Effective for Treatment

Drawing from a portfolio of therapies,
Dr. Verrecchio integrates treatment
specific to your horse’s problems
identified during the examination. Therapies include manual release of muscle and myofascial tightness and restriction, acupressure, acupuncture with laser or traditional needles, Equi-Taping®, therapeutic stretches and flexion from
jaws and neck to tail, and more.

Before and after each step of treatment,
Dr. Verrecchio will explain and discuss
relevant muscles and joints and how treatment can affect biomechanics
and performance.

Step by Step Do-It-Yourself
Follow-up Program

After treatment, you will receive
personal and written instructions on
how to exercise your horse to further promote healing and maintain the performance you want.

Depending on your horse’s specific
condition, you may be advised to
change shoeing cycle and trim length, re-evaluate saddle fit, and/or confer
with your primary care veterinarian

    Nutrition Consultation

       A balanced diet is a foundation
      for equine health. Relative
of key nutrients can
      influence functions including
      tendon and ligament strength.

       Dr. Verrecchio can work with you
      to test and evaluate what your   
  may need.